trained dog is a joy forever.

"Cupid has a wonderful ability training   dogs and their owners alike...his           knowledge of dogs is uncanny."

   -  Cathy Nieuwoudt,

      Champion Doberman Breeder



We train all dog breeds, from the toy to the working dogs!

Every dog and dog owner is unique.  

We will discuss your needs and the current situation to ensure your dog will be placed in the appropriate class.

Cupid Seymour is the Lead Trainer of Cupid's Dog House.                            

He conducts both individual and group classes for dogs ages 8 weeks to adult. 

Individual Classes are typically held at the Owner's home.

Group Classes meet outside; contact us for details.

All classes are 60 minutes each. We accept major credit cards, payment plans are available and Veterans , Military and  Police receive a 10% discount.

"Our house was broken into, we needed our Bull Mastiff to provide home thankful for Cupid's training, he gave us our lives back! "

  - D. Camp

Your puppy will be exposed to various everyday sounds, smells and environments.  This is a private, 6 week class for puppies 8 weeks - 6 months old.  It's a perfect combination of socialization and balance.
Course cost: $600.00

If all previous training and techniques fail to help your dog's behavioral problems, this is the course for you! We will develop a custom program to meet your needs.  Contact us for details.


Your dog will learn to protect

your most precious possessions; 
your family.

Course starts at $3500.00.


This is a private, 6 week course that bridges the communication gap between dog and owner.  

All 6 basic commands are taught; 
1. Come when called.
2. Walk on leash. 
3. Sit.
4. Down. 
5. Heel.
6. Ten phases of stay.

Option 1: Each class is 60 minutes in the Owner's home.  Course cost: $1050.00

Option 2: See BOARD & TRAIN service


Trained dogs are available to rent or purchase to protect your place of business.  

Course starts at $3500.00.

Course starts at $3500.00.

Contact us for details


Upon completion of this course, you will experience a stronger bond with your dog.  Distractions, distance and hand signals are added to your dog's memory. Multilingual training is also offered per customer's request.
Course cost: $1050.00


This custom designed program is

suited for people with special

needs. Course starts at $3500.00.


We will board your dog as we provide extensive training. We offer 2, 3 and 4 week programs.

2 weeks: $1500.00

3 weeks: $1800.00

4 weeks: $2000.00


Cupid D. Seymour conducts specialized seminars as well motivational speaking engagements.

Contact us for details.


A one time, in home, consultation is $175.00. Fee will be applied to the course. 



Cupid Seymour is the Founder and Lead Trainer of Cupid's Dog House. 

Cupid has successfully trained dogs for both Law Enforcement and individuals, for over 25 years and garnered the respect and praise of his clients for his kind nature as well as the proven results of his effective training.


"I found Cupid to be very professional, patient and dedicated to his profession of  handling dogs...because of Cupid's assistance, I am a better dog handler with an amazing relationships with my dogs."


 - Terrance  McKee,

   Bomb Dog Handler, Birmingham Police Department


Cupid's Dog House, LLC

Our training facility and main headquarters is located at 376 Shady Acres, 

Alabaster, Alabama 35007.

phone:  205.421.3143




Looking for a puppy or adult dog? 

We will locate the perfect puppy or dog customized to your needs - family dog, show quality, guard dog. 

Contact us for details!

"We have been working with Cupid...the  results are astounding...we offer the highest recommendation possible for training your  dog."

 - Daniel Vines,

   Competes throughout United States   

Interested in becoming a Professional Dog Trainer? 

Receive training by one of the best dog trainers, Cupid Seymour.  Among some the certifications awarded are Handler Certification, Obedience Certification, Trainer Proficiency Certification, and Decoy and Helper Certification.

Contact us for details!

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